The “Abbot with the Habit” hits Dublin Town..for the Book of Kells Campaign.

Security was stepped up on Wednesday evening June  17th 2015 by Trinity College Dublin for the launch of the Hay Festival in Kells.
Kells Chamber of Commerce and the Hay Festival Committee lurched over our book of Kells as the photos were taken.

Abbot Ronnie Trinity photo 17th June 2015As the Abbot Ronnie approached the entrance of the college to the toilet, he was met by 2 security and 4 armed Gardai and requested to step out of their grounds. “I’d like to use the toilet facilities” the Abbot said but no entry was permitted.

As the Abbot Ronnie was armed with a loud speaker -which could be mistaken for a Rocket Launcher and a microphone – which could be mistaken for a hand grenade! Dublin was put on high alert as the Abbot Ronnie approached Trinity College.

Abbot Ronnie stood for hours stating his case that Trinity College makes €6 million every year on our book and they give nothing back to Kells, only insults.

Abbot Ronnie collected lots of petition signatures especially American ,Australian, Chinese, all dismayed that the Book of Kells is not in Kells with comments from the public on “How it came to end up in Trinity?” Answer they stole it in 1640 and it is recorded as such. Colmcille Law states any money made from the secret manuscript be given to the people he didn’t mention trinity college.

Shame on the small minded thinking of a certain few in Kells Chamber and The Hay Festival Committee the only people who knew Abbot Ronnie was heading to Dublin.

Ronnie McGrane (Local Business man and Director of KellsOnline) did request an invitation to the Launch and they didn’t even show the courtesy to reply.
He also reported to the local Garda station and was fully compliant with the law.

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Book of Kells Campaign featured on The People’s Debate with Vincent Browne

Abbot Ronnie on Vincent Browne2

The campaign to have a volume of the book of Kells returned to Kells was featured on The Peoples Debate with Vincent Browne live at the Headfort Arms Hotel – on Wed 13th May 2015.

Abbot Ronnie gets into the debate and gets Vincent Browne to sign the petition.

Video is available On YouTube to watch by clicking here

Some clips from the video

Abbot Ronnie 4 Abbot Ronnie 5 Abbot Ronnie 6Abbot Ronnie 7a the signature  Abbot Ronnie 7 signing the petitionAbbot Ronnie 8 the signature

Abbot Ronnie 9Abbot Ronnie 9a


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Poll: Should the Book of Kells be moved back to Kells?

May 14th 2015


THE ISSUE OF whether the Book of Kells should be relocated to Meath provoked much debate on last night’s Vincent Browne show – as local Ronnie McGrane argued for the manuscript to be returned to the county (he was dressed as a monk throughout the exchange with Vincent – which some viewers found very entertaining).

The move, McGrane argued, would be a boon to tourism in Kells – where it was housed for centuries.

The book – which dates from around 800AD, and is on display in Trinity College – regularly features in the list of top ten Irish visitor attactions. It was moved to Dublin for safekeeping in the 1650s, after Cromwell’s forces arrived in Kells.

What do you think?

Place Your Now by click on Vote Button. Vote Button

Poll Results 1st Aug 15 Poll Results 1st July 15


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The Book of Kells The Copyright Law of Colmcille

Copyright Law CC

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Hay Festival Kells, Imagine the World Review

Hay Fest Review 2014

Imagine the World Review 8th July 2014

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Plans to put Book of Kells in flood basement ..

Plan to put book iof Kells in Flood Basement

Published : 19th Feb 2014 – Evening Hearld

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Fair Play wanted on Book of Kells

Sat 13th July 2013 – Meath Chronicle

Fair play wanted on BOK

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Campaigner warned over Book of Kells Trademark

Sat June 28th 2013 – Meath Chronicle

Campaigner Warned

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Local Politicians on the return of the Book of Kells.

Meath East Policticians Ben Gilroy, Darren O Rourke and Damien English are asked about the return of the book of Kells.


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Monks want their book back from Trinity Toffs !

Monks want Book back from Trinity toff2

Sunday World Picture Exclusive – Published 2nd June 2013

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